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For the professional that is currently focused on earning more in their career path
or looking to aggressively begin a new career,
Oliver lifestyle career branding provides the tools and hands on guidance
for maximizing career ownership, career promotion and career wealth.

Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

- Oliver Lifestyle coaching is currently only available in southern California.

- Coaching services are provided by the founder of the OL brand, Jon Oliver, and is never outsourced to other professionals.

- Jon Oliver only retains a total of 5 ongoing clients at any given time.
This lends itself to thorough access as well as focused high quality results.

- Coaching sessions are booked as two hour sessions to ensure enough time and focus for results.

- Professionals wanting to consider coaching but are unsure about investing in a full set of sessions
are encouraged to purchase the career branding product or schedule a one hour "advisement phone session".

- Rates can vary depending on what the professional requires, but standard coaching rates
are $350 for a 2 hour session and $100 for the one hour advisement phone session.